Annual audit and unscheduled visits to check whether the organic products we receive are processed according to the applicable standards. Emphasis is placed on the split between organic and non-organic products, the analysis plan, traceability).

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FCA (Feed Chain Alliance, formerly good manufacturing practice)

The main production for human consumption has animal feed as a by-product. The FCA specifications stress the safety and legality of the produced animal feed (aspects – correct identification and labelling, compliance with current standards about pesticide residue, heavy metals and microbiological parameters and traceability).

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Gids Autocontrole

ACS (Self-checking Guide G-014, sector Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruit, processing industry and trade)

This legally mandatory standard sets out the requirements for the processing and trade of our vegetables. The main aspects are food safety, legality and traceability. The Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain regularly checks whether we apply the required measures to safely market a product.

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BRC (British Retail Consortium)

BRC is a general food standard required by international retailers. This norm helps us, as a food supplier, to continue to supply our products safely, legally and transparently to our customers and end consumers. We consider food safety taking all the required measures, excluding ’all the risks with the aim of continuing to supply the end consumer with healthy and qualitative food.

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